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Trax's Story
by Sue M.

On December 16, 2002 I lost my 13-year-old Westie – Sally – my very best friend in the world. Even though my heart was aching I knew I would want to open my heart to another terrier. So on Christmas Day I filled out the adoption papers on Col. Potter’s website and away they went. And so began one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I can’t say enough about the folks involved in Col. Potter – Michele, Ann, Vicki – The top priority for all of the volunteers is the future of the Cairns. And as a person who makes no decisions without thinking about how it will affect the pups in her life – I knew I had made the right decision to work with Col. Potter. I searched the site daily looking for a buddy to join me. I also have a 12 year old rescue “Heinz” variety – Sweetie Girl Peppy” and I really wanted a younger dog to bring out the puppy in Pepper!

I searched for what seemed like forever – of course it really wasn’t – but it sure did seem like it – and out of nowhere Trax appeared. Trax’s history showed he was returned to a pet store after being purchased at a very young age, and then somehow ended up on a set of train tracks (thus his name) where a man found him and carried him home, giving him hopes that a good life was ahead. Little did he know, this life meant staying crated for 21 hours a day and often for days at a time, as this man often didn’t come home to care for him. A concerned neighbor took his destiny in control by calling CPCRN to rescue him while she managed to get the man to relinquish Trax to her. The moment I saw him on their website, I felt he was special. We all thought this was the one – and soon he was on his way from Virginia to Maine – transported from the loving home of Foster Mom Ann to the loving arms of Vicki to the excited arms of Sue! It was love at first sight and has remained so. I decided Trax needed a new name for his new life – and after a vote by all my “doggy” buddies we settled on Truman.

Truman is a bundle of love and energy who keeps Pepper and I hopping! We have become a pack of three and it seems that Truman has been here always. The three of us do everything together. Well maybe not everything – I still refuse to participate in what I affectionately call “Naughty Hour”. The event occurs twice a day – once at about 6am and again around 7 pm. I have to admit I am the instigator. I have discovered by simply saying, “Get him Pepper” – Pepper will automatically swat at Truman with her paw. And the games begin! Truman races through the house – Pepper – well it’s more a brisk waddle – snapping those pearly whites at each other – darting and dancing. My favorite part is when Pepper traps Truman on her doggie bed and holds him down with her head! Doesn’t that all sound exhausting? Well sometimes – but then there are those moments when Peppy is curled up at my feet and Truman has his little head in my lap – and they both look at me with those big brown eyes – and life is really really good. Considering his start in life he is an amazing little guy. Life is just one big adventure for him and he lives life to the fullest. Peppy and I are deeply in love with him and cherish every moment with him. Truman goes everywhere I go and he has not met a person or dog that he doesn’t like. His favorite day is Sunday when we go to the Doggie Park and he gets to romp with all the big dogs!

Thank you Col. Potter for sending me Truman, but most of all thank you, Truman, for allowing me to be a part of your wonderful, loving adventure-filled life