Board of Directors

Meet the Board of Directors

danielle rackstraw

Amy Robinson

Board President and Director of Promotions and Fundraising

Amy is CPCRN Board President and the Director of Promotions and Fundraising. Amy joined Col. Potter in early 2002 shortly after CP became a National rescue. Amy and her husband Brian Antosh operated their own Cairn Terrier rescue, Calliope, out of their home for five years prior to joining CP. Amy has worked in transports, fostering, fundraising, data entry, PR, and is the editor of two of CP’s cookbooks- “Your Culinary Companion – A Cookbook for Cairn Terrier Lovers and Friends” Volume II and III. Amy joined the CP Board in January 2010 holding positions of Board Chairperson and Corporate Secretary. Amy and Brian live in the Endless Mountains of Upstate PA with their many fur kids, all Col. Potter rescues. Pictured in the photo is Amy with her “Calliope Clan”; Tess, Lucas, Rocky and Beatrice.

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Sandy Tiller

Board Chairperson and Director of Foster Homes

Sandy is CPCRN’s Chairperson and Director of all our wonderful foster homes.  She joined the CP family in 2004 after adopting a Cairn (Lucy) from a local rescue group and going on line looking for information on Cairns and found Col. Potter.  After seeing a post for the need for foster homes, she volunteered and fostered her very first foster (Mishka) in the summer of 2004.  She was recruited to be a foster home mentor a few years after joining Col. Potter and from there moved up to Director of Foster Homes.  Sandy has been a member of the Board since 2013.  Sandy lives in the Pacific Northwest with her pack.

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Tracey Martineau

Chief Financial Officer

Tracey has been in the non-profit accounting world for 20 years and lived most of her life in Rhode Island. She also volunteered for many years at a Rhode Island animal rescue agency, giving presentations to various aged school groups on pet care. She had lost two Cairns to the Bridge in 2004 when she found Col. Potter on the web. Tracey adopted her very first Col. Potter Cairn in 2005; she was an older dog and was only with her for two years but was very much loved. Tracey was living in Arizona in 2010 and decided her home needed a dog so back to Col. Potter she came, and another CP Cairn came into her family. She joined Col. Potter as a volunteer in 2011. Tracey is temporarily “Cairnless” and now lives in Connecticut, having returned to the East Coast in 2012.

Tracey joined the Col. Potter Board of Directors as CFO in May 2014.

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Patty Hopkins

Board Secretary

Patty is a lifetime NYer, who adopted her 1st Cairn in 1990. It is no surprise that this first Cairn, Toto, started her love affair with the breed. It was the adoption of her 3rd Cairn and 1st from CPCRN in August 2010, when Patty first came to experience all the wonderful things CPCRN was doing.  But it wasn’t until the adoption of her 2nd CPCRN girlie, Roxanne, in December 2012 that she would discover the enjoyment of volunteering and quickly jumped on transports, home inspections and fundraising.

Patty has recently retired spending her summers at Sacandaga Lake in the Adirondack mountains with her husband Doug, Roxanne and a family inheritance… A Yorkie named Ella.

Patty has joined the Col. Potter Board in October 2020.

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Pam Erickson

Assistant Manager of Foster Homes 

Pam Erickson joined the Board on June 1, 2017 after being a member and volunteer of CP for several years. Pam lives in Normal IL with her husband Bill (who is also a CP volunteer) and their two Cairns Harv and Wiggles (both CP Cairns). Pam is a major force in foster home management being a foster home, a foster home mentor, distributor of supplies to foster homes, blanket manager for fosters, blanket auntie, and along with Bill they transport many a Cairn to their foster homes. Pam is the Assistant Manager to Sandy Tiller, our Director of Foster Homes. Pam is pictured here with her CP boy Harv.

danielle rackstraw

Cindy Michaux

Assistant Manager to the CFO

Cindy Michaux  joined the Board on June 1, 2017 after being a  member and volunteer of CP for many years.  Cindy lives in Bethesda MD with her CP Cairn Trekkie.  She is pictured here with her beloved boy Forbes (who is at the RB).  She came to CP after Forbes came into her life from our own Danielle and George Rackstraw.  Cindy is a main cog in the wheel of our Tags Team, and is also a member of our Special Communications (Card) Team.  Cindy is the Assistant Manager to Tracey Martineau, our CFO.

danielle rackstraw

Doreen Walker

Assistant Manager of Foster Homes

Doreen Walker joined the Board on June 1, 2017 after being a  member and volunteer of CP for many years.  Doreen lives in Baltimore MD with her husband Bill  and their CP Cairns Charley and Jack.  Doreen is a member of the Calendar Team, and is affectionately known as the “CP Data Base Goddess” working with foster dog reports and everything that goes along with it. Doreen is the Assistant Manager to Sandy Tiller, our Director of Foster Homes.  Doreen is pictured here with her two boys Jack and Hamish (RB).

danielle rackstraw

Danielle Rackstraw

Founder/Board Member Emeritus 

Danielle Rackstraw is Founder and Board Member Emeritus for Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network.  Danielle was born with the “love for Animals gene” in an endless capacity, and during her early childhood years she had many different types of pets that she was totally responsible for.  Every occasion where gifts were given she didn’t want the typical girlie gifts, it was always another pet, and always an argument which started out why she didn’t need another pet to love and care for, and do chores to help earn a little money to help with their health care.