Col. Potter Tag Program

It’s happened to you, someone you know, or you’ve heard stories from a friend of a friend. Someone forgot to latch the gate to the backyard. A hole was dug under the fence. Even stories where someone broke into a home and left the front door open. It’s a gut wrenching feeling to discover that a beloved pet is missing.

Losing a pet, no matter what the cause, is an emotional trauma that could possibly end with the death of your family pet, or the inability to return your pet to you due to lack of identification.

Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network has had a successful LOST PET IDENTIFICATION PROGRAM, in place since 2002, for our rescued cairns. Three adopted dogs were lost and found, all in one day, due to this amazing program. The tag program is now open to include pets of all kinds (dogs, cats, or any other pet that can wear a collar) that belong to the CP family. It has already helped many of our rescued Cairns and now can help your pet find their way back to their homes.

When an animal is found, the collar is always checked first for an identification tag. While Microchips and tattoos are other important means of pet identification, A COLLAR TAG IS AN IMMEDIATE FORM OF IDENTIFICATION TELLING THEM WHO TO CONTACT IF YOUR PET IS FOUND. Any neighbor or Good Samaritan can find our toll free number and website information without having to take your pet to a shelter or vet to check for a microchip or tattoo; many folks are not even aware of microchips or tattoos. This program is intended to provide your pet with an additional layer of protection in addition to tattoos and microchips, not to replace them. The word Reward is on all of our tags.  This reward is to be provided by you as an added incentive to help your pet return home.

Program Features

  • Each tag has a toll free number that can be called by anyone who finds your pet. This number is either answered directly or sent to voice mail. The voice mail box is monitored constantly during the day.
  • Primary Contact – specify up to four phone numbers (home, work, cell, pager) and two email addresses.
  • Secondary Contact (spouse/partner) – specify up to four phone numbers (home, work, cell, pager) and two email addresses.
  • Specify up to five additional emergency phone number contacts.
  • Provide authorization to have your pet boarded and/or treated if found injured.
  • Provide veterinarian information to be used to board and/or treat your pet if possible.
  • Provide detailed information about your pet so they can be correctly identified.
  • Provide health information about your pet so they receive the proper care in case they have life threatening conditions. Such as diabetes, heart conditions, etc.
  • Provide away from home coverage. If you are traveling with or without your pet you can provide temporary information about where you can be contacted should your pet go missing. This could make the difference in being reunited with your pet if you are traveling with them. Having only your home information in this situation could cost huge delays in locating you.

If your dog is lost or stolen:

Please call our TOLL FREE LOST DOG LINE at: 1-866-506-7461 immediately. Make certain to provide your Cairn’s ID Tag # (XXXX) as well as your name, phone number, cell phone number and address. Remember to provide your Cairn’s NAME, COLORATION, GENDER and any other identifying features. Also, please provide as MUCH detail about where he/she was last seen, City and State, major nearby intersections, etc. There may be a delay in getting back to you

Tag Program Forms

Adoptive Family Free Tag Upgrade

If your dog has a CPCRN tag from when you adopted them, you can upgrade the foster tag to an owner tag. 

Going on Vacation or traveling?

Please complete the form if you will be traveling and where your dog will be so we have the most up-to-date information.

Tag Information Updates

Please complete the form if you need to make any updates to the information we have on file, so we can update our records.