Update Tags from Foster to Owner Form – Adoptive Family Free Tag Upgrade

When you adopted your Col. Potter Rescue Cairn, you would have received their Col. Potter foster tag on their collar. If you do not upgrade your tag, only very basic information and service is available. You only get a single contact with a phone number and email address; there are no emergency contacts, veterinary care information, medical information on file, away from home coverage, etc.

If you wish to upgrade your foster tag and enroll in the TAG PROGRAM, fill out the following form. It is important that you provide us with as much information as possible. By doing so you make it easier for us to locate you should your pet be found. Since we have had several dogs go missing the very day of their adoption, we are now providing this upgrade free of charge.

Program Features

  1. Each tag has a toll free number that can be called by anyone who finds your pet. This number is either answered directly or sent to voice mail. The voice mail box is monitored constantly during the day.
  2. Primary Contact – specify up to four phone numbers (home, work, cell, pager) and two email addresses.
  3. Secondary Contact (spouse/partner) – specify up to four phone numbers (home, work, cell, pager) and two email addresses.
  4. Specify up to five additional emergency phone number contacts.
  5. Provide authorization to have your pet boarded and/or treated if found injured.
  6. Provide veterinarian information to be used to board and/or treat your pet if possible.
  7. Provide detailed information about your pet so they can be correctly identified.
  8. Provide health information about your pet so they receive the proper care in case they have life threatening conditions. Such as diabetes, heart conditions, etc.
  9. Provides away from home coverage. If you are traveling with or without your pet you can provide temporary information about where you can be contacted should your pet go missing. This could make the difference in being reunited with your pet if you are traveling with them. Having only your home information in this situation could cost huge delays in locating you.

Information supplied to CPCRN will be NOT be used in any manner other than as it pertains to the Tag Program. Your information will only be given out on a “need to know” basis, in the event your dog has been lost or found.

The TAG PROGRAM provides you with a one year membership in the tag registration service. After the year is up, your membership in the tag registration service IS AUTOMATICALLY RENEWED ANNUALLY BY CPCRN AT NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU, FOR THE LIFE OF YOUR PET.

The tag is not transferable to another pet nor can it be transferred to a new owner should you rehome your pet with a new family. If at any time, it is discovered that another pet is wearing our individually registered tag or the pet now has a new owner, the tag will be deactivated and removed from our records. The Col. Potter Tag Program is not a pet finding service, so all other methods of trying to locate a lost pet such as advertising, flyers, etc., remain the pet owner’s responsibility. Our tags are a notification service only, in the event your pet is found.