Update Tag Program Information

Since we have had several dogs go missing the very day of their adoption, we provide a full upgrade for any foster tag to the full tag program. If you have not previously upgraded from the Foster tag to the Owner tag, please click this link Upgrade Tag . Otherwise, please fill out the form below to update changed information.

To update your Tag information, please fill out the following form. It is important that you provide us with as much information as possible. By doing so you make it easier for us to locate YOU should your pet be found. Some dogs have been ‘found’ before their owners even knew they were lost.

Information supplied to CPCRN will be NOT be used in any manner other than as it pertains to the Tag Program. Your information will only be given out on a “need to know” basis, in the event your dog has been lost or found.

The TAG PROGRAM provides you with a one year membership in the tag registration service. After the year is up, your membership in the tag registration service IS AUTOMATICALLY RENEWED ANNUALLY BY CPCRN AT NO ADDITIONAL COST  TO YOU,  FOR THE LIFE OF YOUR PET.

The tag is not transferable to another pet nor can it be transferred to a new owner should you rehome your pet with a new family. If at any time, it is discovered that another pet is wearing our individually registered tag or the pet now has a new owner, the tag will be deactivated and removed from our records. The Col. Potter Tag Program is not a pet finding service, so all other methods of trying to locate a lost pet such as advertising, flyers, etc., remain the pet owner’s responsibility. Our tags are a notification service only, in the event your pet is found.