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Scotty's Story
by Judy

Judy is Scotty's former foster mom, and she received a wonderful update from Scotty's forever Mom, Nan:

Scotty has become the sweetheart of the nursing home in which my mother-in-law resides. She hasn't been doing well, and has not shown much interest in visitors -- that is, UNTIL we brought Scotty to visit. All of a sudden, where she would hardly talk to us, she stares at him, and tells him that his tongue is sticking out, or his nose is cold. She even talks to us, telling us that he's a such a nice dog, and pointing out what he's doing at the time. She would normally sleep through most of our visits, but now, she just wants to look at Scotty and pat him. He is so good, it's like he understands that she needs him to be peaceful next to her. He'll just lay there, let her pat him, and sometimes lick her hand.
All of the other residents that we have met ooh and aah when they see him coming, and several have started waiting for him to come. It's so funny when we don't have him with us, and they see us coming, they are disappointed that it's only us. Even the nurses look forward to his visits; they think he's adorable, but we already knew that!
Talk to you soon,

Does this do your heart good and make it all worthwhile, or WHAT? I asked Scotty's Mom if I could share this happy ending and she said, "Yes!" The first picture below is before he was groomed, but it shows the spark in his happy eyes -- for those of you who never met him. He was a stray in a town about 100 miles west of Fort Worth. He had been hit by a pick-up truck, but luckily just grazed and not seriously hurt. He was taken to the local humane society where they put out an A.P.B. for a Cairn Rescue on our local rescue list, and so he came into CPCRN sanctuary that way. When I drove to pick him up, his shelter worker had sent the following note with him (and this is not at all the usual experience in picking up dogs from public shelters):

Scotty loves to play fetch with a tennis ball! He will "Bring it closer!" when you ask him. He also likes stuffed squeaky toys and has learned to fetch a frisbee. He also begs for treats. He was running loose on a highway near town and was grazed by a pick-up truck. He has just a couple of small spots on his head and body that have scabbed over now. He seems to be just fine. Scotty eats cantaloupe treats and may like other fruits and veggies, too. He does not share his food bowl. He also likes to "go riding". Thank you for taking him into rescue. He is a good little dog.

Can't you just hear the love in that shelter worker's voice for this little guy? When he was in quarantine over at my vet's (due to his coming from a shelter), everyone who met him wanted to adopt him. However, I was already in contact with a wonderful woman up in New Jersey who saw him on our website and emailed me asking if she and her daughter could apply for him. As usual in accordance with CPCRN policy, I told her that I couldn't promise her a particular dog, but she could apply for him. She did, her application was processed successfully, and she and her family were notified that they were indeed going to be his new family! They were so thrilled, as was I!

Once he arrived at their house and settled in, Nan sent this note:

Hi, Judy,
I remember during the adoption process, you told me not to worry, that your group would find us the perfect dog, whether it was Scotty or another dog. All I can say is: you were so right! He has only been here for one day and we are all desperately in love with him! He is so perfect for our family! I promise to send pictures soon.
Scotty's Mom

When I read about Scotty's ability to reach Nan's mom and give her a moment of pleasure when she's down, it gives me enough incentive to keep rescuing and placing dogs for the rest of my life! It's stories like these that keep me going on the bad days: when that not-so-reputable breeder is giving me the run-around for the 15th time, or when I hear that the "Little Old Guy" died in the drainage ditch before we could get to him. I need to hear about the happy endings like this and I thought some of you would enjoy it too.

Keep up the good work! We ARE making a difference: one rescued Cairn terrier at a time!