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Scarlett's Story:
When an Irresistible Force Meets an Immovable Object by Colleen Kelly

I began my journey with CP in February 2007. We had our references checked, a home visit and were approved soon after that. While going through the process of approval in February, Scarlett was being rescued from a southern facility in February 2007. From Scarlett's rescue she went to her first loving foster home in Arkansas, where among other things she had dental work and spaying. After 7 long years of producing litters she was free, and stayed in her first foster home until July 2007. 

Next, Scarlett went to her second loving foster home in Michigan and lived there from July - Sept. 2007. While Scarlett was getting used to freedom and love in her respective foster homes, I began asking questions of my Matchmaker whenever I could about possible matches. 

We were set to adopt when I found out I had a growth, which needed to be removed from the back of my throat. Not knowing if this was benign, it brought our match to a screeching halt. The growth did turn out to be benign and again the search began about a month later. About this time Scarlett was being moved to her second foster home. 

All the dogs I thought I wanted and inquired about weren't ready, weren't good with cats (we have three), had severe medical problems (even though they were much younger than Scarlett), or the foster home couldn't let them fly. I was about to give up when my Matchmaker said what about Urlacher/Uni? She was great with cats, loved people and was very sweet and petite. But she was 9 years old! 

My husband was leery, he worried that I would have a broken heart if she left us too soon. But there was something about her.... Yes, I had constantly bypassed her on the website, although I thought she had tremendous appeal. As I inquired more, she was actually healthier than all the other dogs I'd inquired about. The minute my Matchmaker had mentioned her name to me again, something went off in my head and heart and I just knew she was the one. You see, it was destiny - she was first rescued just as my journey began...and I didn't know then that a power greater than myself was arranging for this beautiful little soul to enter my life. 

Though Scarlett had changes to go through, surgeries for her teeth and spaying after all the litters she'd had with the commercial breeder, then the changes of her foster home beginning in February 2007; I was recovering from major back surgery. The recovery is 18 months with extensive physical therapy, which is ongoing currently in November 2007 as I write this. My 18th month marker will be March 2008. Just in time for Scarletts'10th Birthday.

Now there was the challenge of Scarlett's new foster home that was located in Michigan. We live in Colorado. How was I ever going to afford flying her out on top of adoption fees and all the things I needed to purchase for her before she came home? Out of the blue on of my best friends (a veteran therapist of 40 years) called me and said: "I believe in my heart this is the dog for you and I want to help you. Let me give you the money for the dog adoption and her flight and when you can, you can pay me back." Furthermore she told me, that she "insisted." 

There was nothing left to do but make this piece of paper morph into a living breathing soul in our home, Scarlett's forever home. There were so many miracles happening around Scarlett becoming a part of our family, and obstacles were being kicked to the roadside all along. It was kismet.

But I just didn't see or know all the signs. "Love is the triumph of imagination over intelligence." Says H. L. Mencken and I believe him! I named her Scarlett immediately because Scarlett O'Hara, (the famous female in Margaret Mitchell's "Gone With the Wind") had tremendous enduring charm and strength. Our Scarlett has all the charm and none of the demanding selfish characteristics of Scarlett O'Hara. 

Since making Scarlett an integral part of our family not quite 3 months ago, we have had many wonderful days filled with many blessings. We have met many other Colonel Potter families, both human and fur-butts, including Scarlett's Michigan foster mom, (who flew Scarlett out here and spent the night with us). All these dogs and dear people were formerly only names on the Colonel Potter Mentoring Website, including my Matchmaker, and now they are real, friends, and part of our extended forever family. 

We have gone for walks at lakes, visited friends, taken countless photos, dressed for snow days, and Halloween and best of all on my birthday, November 3rd, I woke up with Scarlett in my arms . . . looking up at me with a smile! What better birthday present could a girl have? 

Each day Scarlett relaxes more and more and is even beginning to play. She loves meeting other dogs and human friends. She is such an unassuming Angel. It was a most perfect match for a lady in waiting recovering from surgery. This match may have been through Colonel Potter, but it was heavenly intervention. It was truly AN IRRESISTIBLE FORCE MEETING AN IMMOVABLE OBJECT! We have so much to look forward to -- together. Thank you Colonel Potter for the honor of taking care of this 9-year young Angel.I say to any of you a more mature dog has many wonderful advantages. Don't be afraid to take a chance. After all there are no guarantees that a young dog or even a puppy won't have problems. So if you're on the fence. Go for it!