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Pheobe Ann


Hi, I am
Phoebe Ann

Phoebe Ann was a stray taken to an animal shelter. She is only 2 years old, had pups who were never found, and is Heartworm Positive, Stage 1.
Even at stage 1, she must endure painful injections, seclusion, low activity, and many meds.  This little girl is not only going through a horrific Heartworm treatment. She must be pretty much contained and kept quiet. Her treatment will save her life. These worms are not forgiving. One pill a month could have prevented her from going through this . The injections she needs are very painful and very expensive. She has been a Trooper.  She knows we are trying to help her.  To keep her at least a little active, she is learning little tricks.  One of her favorites is “down”  because she looks at Foster Mom with her big brown eyes and knows the treat is coming and she gets a big hug.

Col. Potter would appreciate your help to save this young little girl and giving her the opportunity for a new life.  Foster Mom said "Phoebe ran to me after her first injection and laid her head on my shoulder and kissed me.  She had to endure the pain, but knew she was safe." Please consider this little girl in your thoughts and donations. Thank you very much!

Your donation is tax deductible! Our Federal Tax ID Number is 33-0954902.


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