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One Eyed Jack


One Eyed Jack's Story:
It Was Meant to Be by Rich & Janice Olsen, New Windsor NY

My wife and I have a female Cairn named Gabby; she is almost 9 years old. In October 2003, we looked at CPCRN’s site and decided to adopt another Cairn.

After studying the pictures and write-ups, we filled out the application and waited for the process. We had our home inspection and we were ready to go. We applied for *One Eyed Jack*, but someone got him first! Then we picked several other Foster Cairns and the same thing occurred; they had been previously spoken for also! We tried a third time and someone picked that Cairn before us as well. By now we were pretty discouraged and e-mailed Michele Stadnik to express our displeasure.

Michele was very kind and explained how and why this had all happened; she also said she might have some good news for us and would e-mail us in a few days! When Michele did e-mail us, she said Jack was coming back and asked if we were still interested. We were excited and were put in touch with Jack's foster mom, Susan.

After phone conversations and many e-mails, arrangements were made to have Jack delivered to our house. Jack is a joy to have. He has been to obedience school with me, and he won an extra award for most improved dog and handler. He continues to impress us.

Michele and Susan were very kind and they have made our house a joyful place with two Cairns. Gabby and Jack get along great and they have since the first moment Jack arrived.

Our understanding is that Jack was in Missouri and was either abused or hit by a car, which is how he lost an eye. The people out there arranged for Jack to be sent to Susan in South Carolina for rehabilitation. Jack's disability doesn't bother him at all, and his temperament is great considering his ordeal.

This group does a fantastic job; I hope other people learn what great dogs these Rescues are.

The moral of the story is: "It was meant to be; this dog was meant for us."

A warm thank you to all the people that helped. He's great.