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Monty's Story
by Sandy T.

Many of you know Monty - Sheri, Michelle and Ray spent 3 agonizing weeks trying to catch this little man who was on the run on Tiger Mountain.  With their persistence and hard work, he was finally safe back in the arms of Col. Potter and I offered to foster the little vagabond, not knowing what I was getting myself into. What I discovered was that he is a delightful, loving, wonderful little boy and I fell head over heels in love with him.  

Monty is a little mix (Lhasa Apsa, Chihuahua, Shih Tzu, with a little terrier thrown in) so those who are on the fence about adopting one of our little mixes, if you decide to do this, you will getting a wonderful little dog.    

I love that Monty entered my life and love it even more that he gets to share my life with me and Fred.  Everyday, he makes me smile and more than not, laugh.  I love it when he crawls up and puts his little face next to mine as if to say, "I love you Mom".  

Is he perfect, absolutely not, but it is his imperfections that make him who he is and makes me love him more.  

So on this day, a year ago, Monty became my little boy and as I look back on this year, I am so blessed that he came into my life.  

NOTE:  For those of you not familiar with Mountain Man Monty's story, here is his original introduction to Col. Potter after his mountain odyssey:
Two weeks ago there was a draft of an introduction ready to be posted for a cute, little 3 year old, 13# male.  Complications with his transport took priority that day and his introduction didn't get posted.  As I like to say, everything happens for a reason.  Little did we know that same little boy would arrive at his overnight B&B home in anticipation of the final leg of his transport to his foster home the following day, only to promptly slip his harness and take us all on a 14 day odyssey of sightings, attempted but failed captures, professional tracker, moving more than 5 miles from start to finish.  After 14 days and nights on the run, loose in wild, natural habitats, crossing busy streets repeatedly, there sat the little furkid that had affectionately been nicknamed Mountain Man Monty locked up tight in a live trap.  He was once again safe in the loving arms of Col. Potter after a second rescue!
Officially and without further adieu, I am pleased to introduce #6661 Monty, a light cream with tipped ears, imp of a little boy.  When he's not scared, running for his life and alluding capture, he is a sweet, friendly little boy who takes treats gently from your hands.  His name comes from our Name A Cairn Program, donated by Suzanne Z in memory of her precious boy Monty/Monaco who just crossed the rainbow bridge.  May his love and happiness he brought our family continue with his namesake.
I have a feeling that Monty had a very special guardian angel watching over him while he was on his odyssey, keeping him safe and ultimately directing him back to the safety of Col. Potter.
Monty, what a way to make an entrance to Col. Potter!
Valerie Kleine 

Vice President of Intakes
Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network