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Mac Gregor


MacGregor's Story
by The Grow Family

I'd like to start by thanking each & every Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network volunteer for all the wonderful things you do: making sure adoptions are the perfect fit for all involved and bringing such happiness into people's lives & these wonderful little fur friends. In our adoption case, this truly was a match made in heaven!

MacGregor's Rescue Story: Our little guy was one of the fortunate ones: rescued from a horrible puppy mill & placed in caring foster homes in Florida with Jodi & Judy. The Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network teamed me up with a Cairn Rescue volunteer in Texas: Judy. Throughout our adoption process, Judy's support was incredible; it was evident that Rescue, for Judy, is purely a labor of love. Judy started her magic by introducing MacGregor's (Scotty's) foster mom and me via e-mail. Then she contacted Alyce, another Col. Potter Rescue volunteer who we had the pleasure of meeting at the early stages of our adoption process. Alyce, her husband, and their three dogs were leaving for a vacation down South, so they gladly agreed to reroute their vacation, pick up MacGregor in Florida, and then continue their vacation plans. Alyce told Judy that without knowing why, she had packed an extra dog crate in their trailer.

A few weeks later we met little MacGregor for the first time at Alyce's home. It was love at first sight; what a cutie patutie. Like most Rescues, MacGregor was confused & shy at first, but it certainly hasn't taken him long to adjust and feel right at home. We've been having so much fun with our new family addition; he thoroughly enjoys just being around us all & being part of his new family's activities. He loves having new toys and enjoys his soft comfy beds. We finally discovered a few treats that he will eat: cheese and oatmeal cookies. He has become quite the talker which is sweet to hear & always puts a smile on our faces. He tries very hard to play with our cat Rascal, but she is just not quite sure what has happened to her household yet; however, she is being tolerant. MacGregor has adapted to a leash wonderfully. Recently we celebrated MacGregor's second birthday, visited our Vet, put on a few needed pounds, went to the groomer, and will start obedience classes after Thanksgiving. As they say: "The Rest Is History!