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Katey's Story
by Mariann Kohnke, Florida

Is this a Happy Ending story? Yes, I suppose so but it is also a beginning. Every day with Katey is a new beginning: a flower that opens more each day and embraces the world. She has been in our home for almost two years and still I see her confidence grow and her personality blossom.

Who is this Cairn terrier named Katey? For five years she was Imagem. Just a name on a piece of paper for the owners records but really a lonely little dog in a crate and kennel sleeping away the long hours of boredom, often raising a litter of pups.

I believe that this girl has a fleet of guardian angels watching over her though. When her usefulness waned as a breeding dog she was given up to the loving arms of rescue. She was supposed to go to a foster home out west but her angels somehow managed to guide rescue to a foster home here in Florida instead. I don't know why but it was one of Katey's miracles.

While unknown to me, as Imagem was being transported to Florida I was wishing for a little girl to be a sister to our new boy Riley. I just mentioned on the AOL Cairn board that I would like a wheaten female about Riley's age to complete our family.

A foster mom called to tell me she had a little girl that smiled all the time and was such a happy little girl. Just one thing though. She had wanky ears from past hematomas. Well, I saw her picture and said they looked like teddy bear ears and were adorable. So we named her Katey Bear.

Katey's miracles don't stop there. Her guardian angels are always by her side. Soon after she came into our home I found a lump between her toes. It was a very fast growing cancer. "This can't be happening!" Our wonderful vet told us he would operate and remove the tumor and the two middle toes. He rushed her to surgery the very next day and operated as aggressively as he could without crippling her. Katey came out of surgery with only the two outer toes but her large pad intact and then we waited for months saying daily prayers. Katey walks and runs with no limp. She is cancer free and her two toed foot forms a V for victory.

Riley Charles adores his sister and she loves him. Katey Bear with the dancing eyes and big smile learned to play with toys and come through doors. She learned how to race around the yard and bark with joy. Every day she learns that the world is a big wonderful place full of adventures and new experiences. She learns that it is okay to ask for love and pats and belly rubs. She learns that she is a treasured member of a family.