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Julie's Story
by Amanda Jackson

Losing a pet is never easy, but losing our sweet little horse one day and our little female Cairn (Pookie) the next was almost more than we could bear. Many sleepless nights, lots of tears, and heavy hearts followed. Even our remaining male Cairn (Toby) seemed lost. Several times a day, he would check Pookie's bed like she might be there. After a week of tears, I decided a new dog might be in order. Surely, there must be another little soul in need of a home. On impulse, I called the shelter where we got Pookie. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I think I was hoping Pookie might be there again! The shelter had no suitable small dogs, but they alerted me to the fact that almost all breeds have rescue sites on the internet now. Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network was the first site I found. After filling out the application and speaking with Jodi, my CPCRN contact, I was told of a female Cairn (Julie) nearby who might suit us. A few days later, her picture was put on the site. What a cutie! I couldn't wait for my husband and son to come home, so I could show them Julie!

Julie has been here almost a month now, and tears have been replaced by laughter. It's been a while since we had a 4 year old in the house! She is so full of life, and love. She is so cute, all you have to do is look at that face, and you start laughing! Julie loves attention. She wags her little tail so hard, her whole body twists! She gets so excited when she sees her harness, she can hardly contain herself. She loves to explore the yard, and pretty much covers an acre on our evening walk. Julie follows directions and plays well with others (Toby, Mittens, and Okie). Report card = A+. We can't believe our good fortune to have gotten one so sweet!

The powers that be at CPCRN have done their homework. They seem to have selected a perfect match for our family. Once again, there are two Cairns sleeping at the foot of the bed. Once again, my husband and I each have a Cairn to hold while watching tv at night.

Julie may have needed a home, but we NEEDED HER even more! Funny how things work out sometimes. Many thanks to ALL at CPCRN.