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When Janette first got to her foster home, Foster Mom noticed that she dances instead of walks. She gets excited when a leaf blows and appears to pounce up in the air to trap it. She has a high sense of smell (more so than the resident dogs) and gorgeous big eyes. Janette tested positive for heartworm and is presently undergoing the 90 day treatment schedule to rid her of the worms. Otherwise, she is healthy and doing quite well. The only thing she does not like is sitting in a cage all day and every time Foster Mom walks by, she will whine at her. Can you blame Janette?

Janette is also not totally Cairn; she is Cairn Terrier, Basenji, West Highland White Terrier Mix. Which explains her big feet, but her coat is a beautiful red/blonde and coarse like a Cairn!

Please help Col. Potter give Janette the care she needs. Every little bit helps and it quickly adds up! Thank you for your generosity!

Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network 

Your donation is tax deductible! Our Federal Tax ID Number is 33-0954902. Any donations exceeding Janette's bills will be put toward another needy Cairn.

Thank you for your continued support and donations for Janette!

$50 raised of $800 Goal