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Jake's Story
by Scott Fisher

My friend had a rescue Greyhound named Rafe and one day she adopted a wonderful Cairn named Cory. I was so impressed with the way the new dog brought Rafe out of his shell and how he and Cory would play together. I had a faithful Cairn named Toto and thought that she might benefit from a playmate too! That is when I found the Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network on the web. I immediately filled out an application and was contacted by Michele not soon after about a rescue named Jake.

Michele told me that Jake was from a puppy mill that closed and all the dogs were just let out to into the streets! He eventually ended up in a shelter in upstate New York and was placed in the foster home of Alyce Peters. Alyce and I spoke on the phone and she told me more about the Jakie man. Alyce told me that when she first got him, Jake was extremely shy and afraid, and totally untrained. I was a little worried that Jake wouldn't be a good match for my family and me, because I was skeptical as to whether someone could have rehabilitated such a poor creature. I felt that way until I met the Miracle Worker and Jake. Words cannot describe how dedicated Alyce and her husband are to the fostering of wayward Cairns. Alyce truly gives her whole heart and soul to each and every rescue that comes through her door. She has geared a good portion of her life to giving the love and support that these dogs need to live in a normal home environment. I was most impressed with the way both Michele and Alyce really want what is best for the dog first, and then the adopter. They will not place a dog just to give it a home, but strive for the perfect match of dog and owner. That is just what CPCRN did when Jake entered our lives.

Jake has become a constant companion to Toto and me! He is always by my side and has a constant look on his face that says "Love Me", and boy is he lovable! He loves to sit on my lap, lie against me in bed, and have his belly rubbed while he rolls around on his back. Sometimes Toto gives him a look as if to say "You're such a nut", but they get along famously. Wherever or whatever Toto does, Jake is one step behind and takes his cues from her. She really is his big sister and I swear she has taught him a lot on how to behave in our household. He is the most affectionate dog I have ever owned and seems to say "Thank you for rescuing me" each and every day! I thank CPCRN, especially Michele and Alyce, for our wonderful blessing named Jake each and every day!