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Frank and Radar


Frank & Radar's Story
by their new forever home

Oh my Gawd! The Mash Unit has arrived. What cute little guys we have now! We absolutely LOVE having these little men in our lives. This was a match made in heaven. If there is any way I can do a testimonial for adopting an older Cairn, please let me TRY. Frank is a Godsend for my husband, Dale. Dale has had more days in the hospital in these last three years than he has had out of the hospital. At the same time, he has had problems with his children (relationship-wise) and he was feeling so left out and wanted someone to love just him and bond with him. Low and behold, Frank flew in yesterday and attached himself to Dale. You should see the look of contentment and immediate love between these two. Frank spent the entire time from Portland to Eugene (2 hours) on Dale's lap while Dale drove. It's as though these two old "farts" needed each other and have found each other. A younger dog would not have been as docile or "intuitive" as "The Southern Gentleman." I believe there is a predestined path set out for us that we follow, and I think the choice to call someone on the East Coast to adopt an animal, when there are others here on the West Coast that need homes too, was "predestined" for us: Frank for Dale, Dale for Frank. Remember, Danielle, that you politely begged us (while still maintaining your dignity, mind you) to take Frank too. And it didn't hurt in having Ann tell us about the perfect match for Dale in taking Frank too. Don't get me wrong, Radar and I are inseparable and maybe the predestined path was a double-lane highway here, as I love that little man so very much. Poor guy, he has to share me with Heidi (our wayward weenie dog) and she's "the bitch from hell": stingy with the toys, easily gets her nose out of joint, etc. Oh well, such is life. Radar is here...Radar is going to stay. What a face! I'm in love!

I just wanted to share with you, Katie, and Michelle the joy in our home (except for poor Heidi) and how thankful we are that we took the two dogs. Thanks for all that you do, guys. You "Rescue" people are wonderful at matching "Cairns in need of homes and homes in need of Cairns". You're the best. 

Fara Roberts-Keeney (new mama to Radar and Frank...and Heidi still)