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Duke's Story

Hi! My name is Archie and I want to tell you the story of how I got my new brother and best friend Duke.

A while ago, my sister and best friend Carnie the Cairn terrier wasn't feeling well. Mom woke up really really early one morning and took her in the car to the emergency doctor's. When she came home, Carnie wasn't with her. She was crying and started to pick up all of her toys and dishes. I didn't know what happened, so I decided to stay on the couch and watch the door in case Carnie came home.  I stayed there waiting for a long time. I was so sad and lonesome - and so was mom. 

Then one day mom went in the car and was gone for a little while. When she came home, she had a new dog with her. She told me his name was Duke and he was a rescue dog just like me. Duke and I sniffed each other and then I took him out in the backyard to show him around. He started chasing me - just like Carnie used to! We stayed out in the yard playing for a while, then came in to rest. Mom told me he was going to stay with us - and if I liked him, he could stay with us forever. Well, by the next day I let her know that Duke wasn't going anywhere - he could stay with me and I would teach him everything I know! I had to show him how to go up and down the steps, how to be kind to the kitty cats in the house and how to share his toys. He was a fast learner! After a few weeks mom got him a name tag and took him to my doctor to have a checkup. This time, she didn't leave him - she brought him back! And I am soooo glad she did! He is my new brother - and my new best friend! We play every day, share our toys and even cuddle when we sleep. I will always remember my sister Carnie, and I am sure she is happy that Duke came into our lives. Our house is happy again!