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Crockett's Story:
Miami "Nice"

Our first Cairn, Duncan, recently passed away at the age of eight. Duncan had pancreatitis, then got diabetes and lost his vision. No matter what we did, he just seemed to get worse. He is buried out in the back yard with a white picket fence around his grave. I still miss him greatly.

I began a search for another Cairn immediately. During that search, we met Tanner through an independent rescue. Even though he was not a Cairn, we loved him immediately and decided to adopt him. Knowing we still wanted a Cairn, that rescue group referred us to Colonel Potter Cairn Rescue Network.

We adopted Crockett from Col Potter. He is a pleasure to have around and he got along fine with Tanner. Then, one day Tanner jumped off the bed and injured his back, leaving him without the use of his hind legs. Having already joined CairnRescueMentoring, Col Potter’s online discussion and support group, I mentioned Tanner’s injury. Danielle contacted me and said that there may be a possibility to get help in getting Tanner a cart to make him mobile again. A fundraiser was started for this purpose and we received enough to pay for the cart and help with mounting vet bills. We can never thank Col Potter enough. Tanner is now in his cart and can run just as fast as Crockett.

Crockett has become the protector of Tanner. His bed is next to Tanner’s pen and if Tanner moves, Crockett turns and looks at him. Last night while I was moving Tanner, he let out a little peep and I thought Crockett was going to have a fit. He jumped out of his bed and ran around the pen and looked at me as to say, “What are you doing to my buddy?”

Recently, we attended an informational meeting last night for a group called Project PUP “Pets Uplifting People.” This group takes dogs to rehabilitation centers, assisted living facilities and a school for handicapped children. We are considering entering Tanner into this program, as he could be an inspiration to others.

CPCRN has played a major role in extending a helping hand not only to Tanner and us but also to many others through your generosity. We love all of you.

Bob, Saundra, Crockett and Tanner.