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Chachi's foster mom thinks Chachi was named for the Happy Days character for a couple of reasons. One, because he's got dark hair like Chachi of Happy Days. Second, because this little guy needed some "happy". He was found as a stray in a northern Ohio city that is depressed due to the loss of the steel industry, so there's a lot of crime. Chachi is a tiny 13 lb. boy and was found in the middle of the street one night. He was lucky to be alive. It was obvious that he had been on the streets for a while, as his coat was in very poor shape and his nails were extremely long.

His tail has two sharp right angle bends close to the end where it looks as if his tail was caught in a door at one time. Chachi also has a microthalmic (small) eye with a cataract which totally obliterates vision in that eye.

The problem with the eye being small is that it doesn't fit the area of his skull where an eye belongs. Because it's small there's a pocket at the bottom of the eye that *should* be wiped out daily to remove any debris that may have gotten in there. Likely due to whatever little Chachi has gone through, he's not able to allow anything like wiping under his eyeball. Heck, it's very difficult for him to allow Foster Mom to trim his coat! He flinches and tries to squirm away. He's *very* good at squirming. ;) Due to these issues Chachi needs to have that eye removed, as his eye can get infected if debris can't be removed.

After the eye is removed, Chachi will be safe from problems related to that eye and no one will have to hassle him daily to try to clean it. It will allow him to relax and not have to worry about that one thing.

Chachi is a good little boy. He keeps his crate and his belly band clean. He loves to roll around on the floor and be played with. Part of his rolling around, though, is due to him having seborrhea (a skin problem causing an itchy rash) which necessitates scrubby baths given by foster dad. He has to wear jammies to keep him from chewing on himself. Of course the jammies make him look even more adorable!

But he'll feel much better when his skin is not itchy any longer. His coat was in bad shape when he arrived. Now that he's eating good, healthy food and getting bathed regularly, his coat is coming in shiny so he's looking much better. He desperately needs grooming because a good bit of his coat was dry and frizzy as if he'd had a bad permanent. Foster Mom is working to cut off all that icky hair, so he will need an expert to make his coat look really good.

Col. Potter and Chachi would appreciate any donations for Chachi's medical care, and of course, positive thoughts for this sweet boy! Thank you very much for your help & support!


$300 raised of $2,000 Goal