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Bradlee's Story:
One of the "MASH Unit Boys" by his new forever home

Our two boys had been asking for a dog for several years. They persisted in their desire for a dog as they reached ages 10 and 6, and learned more of what was involved in taking care of a dog. So, our family's search for a dog began.

We began keeping up with Bradlee's progress on the Cairn Terrier Rescue site in the summer. We were hoping to find a dog within a reasonable driving distance so we could see the dog and observe how he reacted with the kids before going any further with the adoption process. As we read more Bradlee updates, we were definitely interested. So we e-mailed his foster family (Wayne and Ann) about Bradlee.

When Bradlee showed up at our house to visit, our first impression was that he was soooo cute just walking in the door. He and the boys were instant friends. Bradlee and the boys played fetch off and on for over 2 hours. He was petted and played with and talked to and generally fawned over. And then he had to leave. We filled out the application that night.

Bradlee came to live with us just a couple weeks later; he is the perfect dog for our family. His transition has been completely uneventful thanks to his foster parents, Wayne and Ann, who gave him a home of trust and love. Once he came to us, all we had to do was continue their lead. He has seemed to adjust to us all wonderfully and fits the rhythm of our family so well. He doesn't seem to mind being sedate when we are all busy. But then, at the next moment, he is more than ready to play or be petted. We wondered if a nine-year-old dog would really be a good choice for children. But Bradlee has more than enough energy to keep up with all of us. We still marvel at how fast he is when he retrieves his tennis ball, one of his favorite games. We know how fortunate we are that Bradlee came to us with such wonderful habits already in place. He welcomes each of the boys as they come home from school, yet he doesn't try to run out the door when it opens. He was already trained to come and get you when he needs to go outside. He rarely barks except when he sees a squirrel or cat run across the backyard. He doesn't mind baths: actually seems to enjoy them. He isn't picky about what to eat and allows you to come near him when he's eating. He doesn't jump on the furniture. He doesn't jump up at all except when he's trying to get your attention to play and you don't respond fast enough. He's pretty good with "sit" and "stay" commands. He likes to play catch outside and likes to curl up with our youngest son and listen to a story at bedtime.

He has settled in so well and we have all come to love having him in our family. We prayed that God would lead us to the right dog for our family and He certainly did.