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Archie's Story
by Mark

Weeks before we got Archie, our beloved Cairn Joe died of cancer. This left an enormous hole in our hearts. We still have his brother who is twelve and diabetic. We were interested in bringing a new face into our home and knew we did not want to support the breeding facilities. My wife came across Colonel Potter Rescue, this seemed like the answer to our needs. It only took around 6 weeks to find our little Archie. Six weeks seems like a long time when your heart is aching but it was well worth the wait.

When Archie came he got along with Mike our oldest Cairn almost immediately. Mike showed him the ropes and helped teach him the rules and Archie caught on quickly. Archie loves Mike and just wishes Mike was younger and had more stamina and patience to match up with his two year old energy and zest for life.

Kitty (cat) on the other hand has still not gained Archie's respect. When they first met and for the first few weeks Archie was sure his job was to terrorize Kitty. They are coexisting nicely now and that may be as good as it gets, time will tell. Archie periodically just enjoys reminding Kitty who is boss.

So much for how he interacts with the other animals in the house how does he do with us? He is an absolute joy. His love and respect is not given but earned. Once you have it however you have a fast friend for life. He is happiest when he is with us and when he has the opportunity he is either in your lap, on your shoulder or just inches behind you as you walk along. He loves to fetch his kong and throw his duck toy, both of these came with him. He has tons of toys but these are his favorites. I suppose they symbolize for him when his life changed forever.

Archie now rules a large fenced backyard which he loves to patrol against pesky squirrels and birds that invade his turf.

We are very fortunate to have found Archie and I am pretty sure he feels the same. The only people he comes in contact with now are those who love and care for him. He has left the world of the breeding facility far behind and is pleased to enjoy the better things in life.

Teresa, myself, Mike, Kitty and Archie would like to thank Colonel Potter for bringing us together!