LouLou’s Story

by Marlene W.    

LouLou, fka Geri Lynn, is the most delightful creature who won our hearts from the moment we first laid our eyes on her.

She walked in the door after her Uber ride from Connecticut (we had her walk around the block 

and then introduced her to her older sibling Dash outside the apartment building), went inside her crate without any coaxing and looked at us as if to say, “aren’t I cute and good?”

Well…she never used the crate again after she discovered all the comfy dog beds in the apartment, plus the sofa and various other chairs with fine upholstery.

That’s fine with us.

She is respectful of her senior sibling Dash, even though they are not best friends yet!!

She has great manners and is settling well into her new life in New York City.  She enjoys her walks in Central Park every morning along with Dash and meets up with other dogs and owners who give her a big welcome!

She is always up for walks and gets very enthused when I get her leash out.  She loves her single walks with me (without Dash) and likes going into boutiques where she gets lots of attention from sales people, often getting a biscuit.

I take her to work with me and she is happy to go to her bed and just “chill”.

Col Potter would be proud to know that LouLou participated in the Parkinson’s walk in Central Park to support her uncle Richard, our brother-in-law.  She walked 1 1/2 miles with thousands of people and other dogs in support of Parkinson’s disease research. She walked by my side with her older sibling Dash who was in his stroller.  She was a real trooper and we are very proud of her!!

It feels like she has always been with us and we are crazy in love with her!

Thank You Lori and Col Potter for the perfect match!!