Lucy’s Trail to Forever

By Amy R. and Brian A.

After spending 5 ½ years (her whole life up until that time) in a Missouri puppy mill delivering litter after litter of baby Cairn puppies, a dog who was named Drexel by Col. Potter was brought into our organization in June 2006.  She came in with a group called the “School’s Out Kids”. (There was Cornell, Purdue, Tulane, Princeton…you get the picture.) 

Drexel, right out of the mill in MO

She was lovingly fostered in Connecticut and brought into the good graces of how a good house Cairn behaves, but she didn’t really need a lot of teaching as she was such the perfect lady.  She was transported to her forever home and on her way stopped here at our house in August 2006 for a brief lay-over.  We were very lucky to meet her and loved her right away.     

Drexel, during her “layover” at our house  …      

…  and selecting a favorite spot  in a quiet corner for the entire evening.

So, she was adopted into what would have been her forever home.  However, as it sometimes happens (not often, but sometimes), the adoptive home was not what it should have been and she was not what they expected her to be.  They returned her to Col. Potter stating some issues or problems with her behavior.       

Lucy as she appeared in the 2007 Faces of Rescue Calendar

When she came back to Col. Potter, her name was changed to Honeybee and she went safely back to her original foster home in Connecticut.  Trust me–whatever “issues” there were, it was NOT the dog!    

 Now she’s Honeybee and adjusting back in her foster home                     

When we learned that she came “home”, we thought we’d give her a chance here at our house if we would be approved to adopt her.  We WERE approved to adopt her and Honeybee became our Lucy Lou.  She arrived here on December 9, 2006. 

Instant family.  That’s the best way we can describe it.  She was still gentle, still sweet and still very shy but she was a wonderful girl.  She learned something new everyday, even though giving mommy a kiss was not one of them.  As long as she had her couch, she was fine!

We had snow right after she arrived, and Wookie took her under his wing and showed her the ropes; “yea Lucy, this is how you do it, this is how you enjoy yourself!”

We envisioned her soon coming into her whole self and truly enjoying life here.  As is our goal with any new fur baby we bring in, all we truly want is to know that they are happy.  She showed us that she was by lying by our sides, half turning on her back and throwing her head back as if to say “here I am, PET ME”. 

Lucy always did things her own way.  As she grew older, hard of hearing and losing her spunk, she made her own plans to leave us and crossed the Rainbow Bridge in her sleep on March 5, 2015 – at the age of 14 years.

You stole our hearts you little sneak – we miss you always.