Roo’s Story
by Roo’s Foster Mom Alice S.

Mary Chilton came into CP rescue in early November 2018.  She was a stray picked up in south Florida and not claimed.  MC (as I called her) arrived at the shelter with a damaged left front leg, but was a warm and friendly 4 year old girl.  I answered the call to foster and drove to Bradenton to meet up with Karen M and Val the day after Thanksgiving.  I have to admit, I was apprehensive about fostering a seemingly handicapped dog, but MC stole my heart right away.     

We arrived home and I did a slow introduction with Nantucket.  MC didn’t react to Nantucket and vice a versa so that was good.  This little girl just wanted to be loved.  She was so happy to be in a nice place with good food, a bed and lots of hugs.   

Her leg continued to be an issue.  She couldn’t put any weight on it, but managed to walk and run on her three legs.  This was my first experience with a tri-paw dog.  I took MC to several vets, including a neurologist, who determined that her leg was beyond repair.  The decision to amputate was a difficult one for all concerned.  Surgery was December 19, 2018 and MC returned home the next day.  The first thing she did was jump up on the couch!     

After she recovered from surgery, MC went up on the web site and I waited, wondering if anyone would adopt a tri-paw Cairn. CP had a number of interested parties and MC was adopted on February 16, 2019.  Her new Mom flew to Orlando from Syracuse, NY and returned with MC in the cabin.  MC flew first class to her new home!  MC is now named Roo and is living her forever life with her new Mom on many new adventures. 

Her Mom even bought her a backpack to use in case Roo gets tired.  She is now enjoying a very happy ever after!