What are Yum Yums?

Yum Yums can be any home made item from your kitchen or your craft room. There is no maximum or minimum number of items and you can offer multiple items (we will need a Yum Yum Volunteer Form – link below – for each). These will be offered only to CRM members with a donation made to CPCRN. CPCRN will collect all donations for you. Once ordering has been completed, you will be notified and given the buyer’s address and order details. Yum Yums are mailed directly from you to the buyer.

We do also accept non-food items as Yum Yums. Anything you can hand-make, whether one of a kind or in multiples, we will try to sell. If you are interested in doing a hand-crafted item, please fill out the form as much as possible.

If you are able to donate the cost of ingredients/packaging/postage you may claim this amount for full tax credits. Simply request a tax receipt upon completion of all your orders. Make sure that you save all your receipts in addition to the CPCRN tax receipt for your income tax records.

Volunteering to Make Yum Yums

We ask that all volunteers submit this Yum Yum Volunteer Form(s) 4 to 5 weeks prior to the Occasion for which they are making the Yum Yums. An order page, that is only available for CRM members, will then be created listing all the different Yum Yums. A timeline will be available on the Yum Yum Volunteer Form and will be on your copy when you submit a volunteer application. The timeline allows time for creating the Yum Yum order page, ordering of Yum Yums and enough time for you to make and mail out the Yum Yums.

If you miss a signup deadline and want to see if you can still be added to the order form, first contact yumyums@cairnrescue.com to see if this is possible.

Picture of Yum Yum Items

We would like to include a picture of your YumYum on the order page. While the final picture is 300 x 300 pixels, we would prefer a larger picture so we can crop it. Pictures will need to be sent prior to the opening of the fundraiser to yumyums@cairnrescue.com. Thanks in advance.


When we receive a buyer’s donation you will be notified and given the buyer’s address and order details.  It is expected that you will ship the item(s) directly to the buyer. We ask that all volunteers ship out the Yum Yum orders 7 days prior to the Occasion for which they they have signed up.

If you need reimbursement for shipping costs, please indicate that on your Yum Yum Volunteer Form (link below) and we will be in touch about how to do this.