Fiona & Mabel

Hi everyone! I wanted to give an update on the two Scottie sisters who were found in December(ish) named Betty White and Veronica Black. My husband and I officially adopted them awhile ago and I’ve been meaning to send an update. The two mischievous girls have settled into their new life with us. They have new names now – Betty White is now Fiona, and Veronica Black is now Mabel. They get along great with their older Cairn brother Max. They love running around our backyard, keeping it safe from critters. They do great on their daily walks, always excited! Mabel was very timid when she came to us, we suspected she may have been physically abused by a man in her previous life… well now she is a huge daddies girl!!! She is always cuddling with my husband, often sitting with him and giving him all the attention and kissies… it probably helps that he is the one that feeds them 😉 She also loves spending time with her grandpa (my father), who absolutely adores her. Fiona is a little hell raiser. Very pokey and always wanting to know whats going on. She is my little white shadow. Her and her older brother Max get along like two peas in a pod, often cuddling together. She loves the sound of her own voice, and is a master at puppy dog eyes. We have taught the girls a few tricks as well… sit, stand, and now speak! Fiona loves to speak ahaha. We’ve caught Fiona digging a few times, and are wondering if she’s found treasure ahaha… we’re waiting to see the gold! Everyone loves going to the dog park and running around. The girls, though short, are FAST. They sound like a heard of buffalo when running at full speed. (one of the photos is of them all in the bath after one of these dog park trips… it was a little muddy at the park…)

Natalie, Sean, Max, Fiona, and Mabel 
Camp Hill, PA