Boston (aka CP’s Pup Pup)
2008 – 2021

In 2007, we adopted Smiley, a severely abused black lab/beagle mix. He was a shy, gentle loving dog, but didn’t know how to play or be happy…how to be a dog. It was very sad. My husband Genaro, who was terrier experienced, thought a Cairn terrier might be just what Smiley needed.

When we brought Boston home in 2008, Smiley – who was 3 years old weighing 45-50 lbs – had no problem falling in line behind the spirited 6.4-lb puppy. Smiley came out of his shell and they became best buddies. Frisky Boston liked to nip at Smiley’s jowls to engage him in play. Boston would nip, then take off, and Smiley would chase after him. Boston, being much smaller and more nimble, could dart about and change direction on a dime. Smiley quickly developed an answer to that: he’d drop his hind quarters to the ground and spin on his butt to the direction Boston was headed, then take off like a flash!

Boston and his brother lived an adventurous life with us. From time to time we flew overseas to see family and Boston and Smiley were the darlings of the vacation kennel. Boston quickly took charge of the place, pacing back and forth, making his “inspections” and letting all the dogs know How Things Were Going to Be with A New Sheriff in Town.

In 2013 we moved to Spain for a new job posting. We lived just outside Malaga, only a 5-minute walk to the beach. That was exactly what Boston needed! Between walking the paseo every day and visits to the beach – now they were the darlings of the town and beachfront. Boston loved to run at warp speed along the water’s edge, biting and barking at the waves. Both dogs loved to bake in the strong Mediterranean sun on our large outdoor terrace.

In 2015 we moved to Sarasota, FL and again, the two of them had no problem making friends. The hot and humid weather meant their walks became shorter and less social because of our quiet location, but Boston still enjoyed chasing the waves in Sarasota Bay. Dear Smiley began to slow down and passed away in 2017.

By then Boston was nearly 10 and he began to consider the benefits of being a lap dog – a fiercely independent, “when it’s my idea” lap dog! Daily walks continued and Boston was enjoying a very happy life as our beloved pal and sidekick.

When Covid struck things changed, but it turned out to be win for Boston because we were no longer spending mornings exercising at the YMCA. Boston had us all to himself 24/7/365. As I was a lifelong bread baker, Genaro suggested I try sourdough and a new adventure began. Boston was the best kitchen companion ever – a pure BREAD HOUND! He was at my feet, nose in the air, every time I tended to my starter. He went absolutely nuts when I’d take the cover off, sniffing the air with almost maniacal glee and anticipation. He made the whole process so much FUN! With over 200 lbs of flour baked during his sourdough “career,” he received more than his fair share of crumbs and corners of our toast.

At nearly 14 years of age, lung cancer took our Boston. We and ALL lived better, happier lives because of him. We want to thank you ALL, from the bottom of our hearts, for saving and fostering Boston, and for your continuing good works at Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network.

Sincerely, Genaro and Elizabeth