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Stripping Diagram


Stripping Diagram
by Pillan

The following is a diagram for a complete stripping. It will take about 6 months after the stripping for the coat to be in perfect condition. Pillan recommends using the fingers instead of stripping tools.


RED = Strip this area all the way down to the skin. Do NOT save any coat: everything goes!
BLUE = Strip this area 3-4 weeks after the RED area is stripped.
GREEN = Strip this area 3-4 weeks after the BLUE area is stripped.
PINK = Keep this area clean at all times.
ORANGE = The ears; they are kept short at all times.

Blend all the areas together about 3-4 weeks after the GREEN area is stripped, so that you have an even coat.

After this, you can keep the dog in a show coat by grooming one time a month and keep the dog free of any extra hair. Pay special attention to the areas around the shoulders and keep the coat on the head and legs going!

The results…