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Before & After Photos



Bonnie was a slight two year old female who had never been groomed properly. Her coat was incredibly soft and long: almost like cotton candy. Below the top layer of what appeared to be well brushed coat, was layer upon layer of matted coat.

The length and the condition of the coat made Bonnie appear to be a little old lady. Bonnie needed a total strip (all the long dead coat pulled out). Here is the same little female several hours later after all the dead matted coat had been pulled out.



Duffy is a really handsome boy. Duffy was ‘dognapped’ and reunited with his rightful owners after a law suit. (It DOES pay to have a dog microchipped!) It took the owners almost a year to locate their dog, and when they got him back, they took the scissors to him, trimming his bangs and the long coat. THEN, they brought him in for grooming.

The dark face you see in the finished photograph is the color that his coat actually was under the dead coat shown in the ‘before’ photo. Duffy needed a total strip due to dead coat.


In BOTH sets of before & after photographs, you will notice how much younger the Cairn looks if properly groomed.