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World Tour



Hi, We are...
The World Tour

Age: We vary in age from 5 to 8

For any of you that regularly follow Col. Potter, you know that we have been talking about having an opportunity to help THIRTY (30) Cairns!! We have had the privilege to help other large groups in the past, but this group is our LARGEST EVER, outnumbering the former large group by 1 or 2 fur kids!!

This has already taken a village of very dedicated and committed people to make this happen, and will continue to expand that village as these THIRTY Cairns continue their journey through Col. Potter and on to a happily ever after. Undertaking a group of this size also comes at a price:

  • Boarding for minimum of a week to two weeks while being medically cared for

  • Initial health evaluation

  • Spay/Neuters of all dogs

  • Major dentals and extractions of all dogs

  • All shots and Rabies inoculations

  • Worming exam and treatment for all dogs

  • Heartworm testing of all dogs

  • Initial health treatment for eyes, ears, skin, tumors

  • Transport to foster homes

  • Crates and hardware [collars, leashes, harnesses] food and supplies

Please consider making a donation to Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network to help support these THIRTY Cairns. Thank you so much for anything you can give to help.

The following World tour cairns are still looking for forever homes:

Argentina - boy - Available
China - girl - Available 
Germany - boy - Available 
India - girl - Available 
Japan - girl - Not Ready yet
Kenya - boy - Adoption Pending
Nepal - boy - Not Ready yet
Norway - girl - Available 
Peru - boy - Available

$4,800 raised out of $30,000 Goal