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Razzy would like to thank all of his supporters! He has been doing well and is a fighter to live his life -- with EPI or not! He must eat on a regular schedule, and because of the EPI, his food must be prepared properly. His glucose levels are tested on a regular basis and he gets insulin shots. Razzy appreciates the extra work his foster family does for him, and after he started feeling better, began giving Foster Mom & Dad kisses! He knows his Forever Home is out there.

Thank you again for supporting this sweet little man. Every donation makes a difference!

Nine year old Razzy was surrendered to Col. Potter due to food aggression. Upon learning of this little boy, we had a feeling that something was drastically amiss with him; aggressive with food, losing weight, all fairly new symptoms. We immediately had him taken to a vet and did testing for exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI) which turned out to be very positive. This boy was not food aggressive, but literally starving to death. None of what he was eating was being digested and he was getting no benefit from his food, hence making him feel starved all the time. Once in foster care, we started the enzymes he needed to digest his food and his health improved, he gained all his weight back, food aggression stopped. 

A few weeks ago, he started bleeding from his gums and into his intestinal track. Testing showed immune-mediated thrombocytopenia (his body was not making platelets and his own body was destroying what he had). He was immediately started on the medications to reverse this and as of this date, his platelet counts are increasing and he is back to happy little self. He was started back on B12 injections as it is very common for EPI dogs to be B12 deficient. 

The enzymes will be needed for a lifetime and most likely the B12 injections monthly. The platelet issue is in his past but it did generate some pretty hefty vet bills to reverse this. It is a big commitment for someone to adopt an EPI dog, even though the only thing to do is to soak their food in enzymes for 30 minutes prior to eating so we expect him to be in foster care for a while. Any help you can provide for his care would be a huge help to Razzy. He so deserves to have a great new life. Thank you for your generosity!



$295 raised of $1,800 Goal