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UPDATE #1 March 7, 2015

Lake has terrier determination to make sure her hard life is behind her. She makes her foster mom smile every day. While her eyes are bright & sparkly, Lake has issues with her vision, but she doesn't miss a thing! She has become much more independent and LOVES toys. She doesn't discriminate, and has the time of her life taking ALL of the toys out of the toy box! Lake is doing her best to become the Cairn Princess she deserves to be.

Thank you for donating -- she is more than half way to her goal! Lake appreciates all of the love & support, as do we!


Lake is a 10 year old female who was rescued by Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network in the Bodies of Water II group. She came from a breeding facility with several severe medical issues: heartworm positive, bladder filled with stones, bladder infection, dry eye and eye infection, ear hematomas and infection, and a large mammary tumor.
Col. Potter and the wonderful vets working with us have slowly been dealing with each issue. First was to start dry eye treatment and drops to clear eye and ear infections, then to take her to surgery to spay her and remove the huge amount of bladder stones in her bladder, and start her on treatment for the infection. We were very lucky in that the stones turned out to be struvite stones, – caused by the urinary infection – which she probably had for months/years. We will test her again in the very near future to make sure the antibiotic cleared up any infection so that these type of stones will be in her past and not her future.

After a few weeks of rest, she went back into surgery again, this time for a dental and to remove the large mammary tumor present. This was cancer – but the vet got nice clear margins so no cancer remains and he said her prognosis in this regard was great. We were waiting to hear the results of her mammary tumor and prognosis before deciding on the heartworm treatment. Since her prognosis is good and she is doing very well, we will go ahead with our standard heartworm protocol. Luckily, this little girl was only stage 1 (the mildest infestation) so she got a break here (about time!). 

With all the issues above, Lake is the sweetest little girl. She follows Foster Mom everywhere, and if Foster Mom stops and sits in a chair, Lake will put her head on her foot and nap until Foster Mom is on the move again! This little girl was dealt some nasty issues in her life but things are looking up for Lake -- she is on the road to recovery and a great new life. Her sight is impaired due to the untreated dry eye, but she sees well enough to navigate her foster home, and with each passing day, she gets a little more brave and a whole lot sweeter. 

As you can imagine, Lake’s vet care has been costly, as well as extensive, and we are not done yet,  as we have the heartworm treatment to tackle. Any donation to help this sweetheart of a girl know how great life can be without pain and disease, would be wonderful. Thank you so much for your support!

$1,285 raised of $2,000 Goal