I am Ready for Adoption
Gender: Male
Age: 10 years
Weight: 17.5 LBS
Color: Red
Breed: Mixed Breed
Location: Centreville, Virginia
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More About Yuki

I’m an older gentleman, and Col. Potter literally saved my life! I was rescued from a local shelter after languishing for 6 months in that stressful, cramped, caged environment. After my time there, I wasn’t the friendliest guy to my foster family when I first joined them, but I’ve since become the biggest love bug. I love to snuggle on laps, play with my toys, and I love to go on 15 – 20 minute walks. I do sometimes bark at fellow walkers and their pets. I’ve also enjoyed meeting the people who visit my foster home, although I am usually vocal in my greeting. You never need to worry about anyone unexpected coming to your door without me knowing! I do have some strong opinions, for example I do not like getting my nails trimmed. However, I do enjoy brushings and baths. I would love to have my own home again. If you are a patient person, who will work with me to gain my trust, I’ll be a loyal, loving, and attentive companion!


UPDATE: Yuki’s DNA results came back! He’s 52% Yorkshire Terrier, 38% Chihuahua, and a dash of a few other breeds. He must’ve enjoyed the food at the shelter because he packed on some pounds. We’re currently working to get him back to a healthier weight, and based on his walking harness he is definitely becoming more fit even if the scale is moving slowly. While he is a loving little guy, and he’ll want to cover you with kisses when you give him belly rubs, he does need an experienced dog family who will understand his body language. He is not good with other dogs, so he would fit best if he were the only dog in the house. We don’t know how he would handle cats, but he does react to squirrels in our yard. More photos and videos of Yuki can be found on Instagram @MyTerrierTribe.