I am Adopted
Gender: Male
Age: 7
Weight: 16 LBS
Color: White
Breed: Westhighland White Terrier
Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado
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More About William

William is a Prince of a dog! He is housebroken, does well in his crate but would like more than anything to sleep in a bed with his person. He is a couch cuddle and does well on a leash on his walks. He is being treated for some allergies that turned into a skin/yeast infection that is clearing up and is fur is starting to grow back. He gets along with the resident 3 year old Cairn Terrier and loves to learn and be rewarded with treats. He thrives on positive reinforcement training. He will whine or grumble if he needs to go outside and do his business. He currently sleeps in an oversized crate in the bedroom next to our bed that also fits his round bed in it. He has a strong prey drive and should not be placed in a home with cats. He should have a fenced yard as he will chase bunnies and squirrels. He likes hanging with you in the yard but if he sees a bunny or squirrel he will go after it. He is a sweetheart of a dog and will steal your heart. Foster parents are willing to travel and meet an adopter for the right home for William.


UPDATE 5/2/2024: William is doing great! He enjoyed his walks especially as the weather is nicer although we just had a recent snow in Colorado! He walks nicely on a leash and greets other dogs politely. He boards well; foster family has boarded him overnight and day boarded a few times and he has done a great job there. He sleeps in a larger crate by in the bedroom; the crate is large enough for his round bed and he sleeps through the night. His fur is growing in nicely in most areas; and foster mom trimmed around his ears earlier this week. He is curious and likes to “help” with gardening. He thrives with positive reinforcement training. Would love a home with someone home majority of the day.

UPDATE 4/24/2024: William is a very sweet kind soul who will steal your heart. Once settled in your home and knowing your routine he will be the best side kick and office assistant you ever had. If you are in the house, he will follow you or rest where he can at least see you. Over the last 4 weeks; he has become more comfortable with foster mom being out of sight. When foster mom runs errands, he has the run of the house and is found on the couch resting when she comes home. One-time foster mom forgot she had a small bag of treats in a tote bag on a low shelf; William found it and helped himself to it.

William may be a good scent work or barn hunt prospect because he is good at smelling things out and has a strong prey drive. If you are interested in playing in the dog sports world, he may be the dog for you. He is eager to learn and eager to please.