I am Ready for Adoption
Gender: Male
Age: 4 years
Weight: 20 LBS
Color: Black Brindle
Breed: Mixed Breed
Location: Danvers, Massachusetts
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More About Ruffian

Meet Ruffian. He is a very friendly, happy, loving, cuddly boy. He loves to chew so he needs lots of chewy toys. He sleeps in bed with his person and loves to curl up right behind your knees. He wants to be with his person as much as possible but when you go out if he gets a treat or a chewy with a little peanut butter, he will be happy. He will sometimes even go in his crate on his own.

He loves to go for walks, but likes to pull on leash. He is dog friendly when around resident dogs, but gets overly excited when he sees another dog while on leash. He needs to be trained and needs someone who is willing to spend time and effort to train him. He is currently wearing a belly band; he keeps it dry at night and when crated.

I feel this sweet loveable boy will make someone a wonderful pet if they are willing to take the time needed for training. In other words, ruffian has great potential.

He will be ready for adoption as soon as he is neutered.


UPDATE 4/3/2024: Ruffian here. My Foster mom just loves me a lot …she calls me teddy Bear, cuddle bug, love bug etc. I am looking for a family where people are home a lot and want to take me out for lots of walks. I need some training in manners. I am also working with my Foster mom on housebreaking. I wear a belly band but for the most part I keep it dry. The trick is to let me out every few hours and I will keep it dry. My Foster Mom has learned that if she takes me out and gives me a short walk within about 10 minutes of eating breakfast and dinner, I’ll poop outside.

My Foster Mom lets me sleep with her and I love it. I cuddle right up and stay put all night and my belly band is dry in the morning.

Anyway, I am very cute, lots of fun and will try my best to please you. Right now I am leaning against my Foster moms leg while she types this. I might be a border terrier but the vet thought I might be a mix.

Please pick me. I promise to love you lots and lots.