I am Adopted
Gender: Male
Age: 6.5 years
Weight: 16.1 LBS
Color: Grey
Breed: Min. Schnauzer
Location: Rochester Hills, Michigan
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More About O’Neal

O’Neal came to us as a breeder surrender. He is a bit skittish and shy, but once placed in your lap, will happily accept pets as long as you want. He doesn’t understand what a leash is yet, but we are working on that as well as working on getting him used to a schedule so that he knows he will be let outside to do his business which he usually waits for. He’s lost most of his teeth, but that doesn’t cause any problems with his appetite. He occasionally goes for playing with a toy which is good to see because he’s not always sure what to do with people. He’s still trying to figure out this new life so we want to give him a little time to adjust and let his personality come out of it’s shell.


UPDATE 3/19/2024: O’Neal is starting to settle in and has started to explore beyond the kitchen where he sleeps and eats. He has also found his voice. When he goes outside, he loves to bark even when there is nothing to bark at! He’s learning to walk on a leash but often gets distracted and doesn’t realize we are actually trying to walk somewhere. He entertains himself by playing with his stuffed squeeker toys and throwing them around himself. He only has 4 teeth left, so there is no destuffing going on although he tried a few times, but seems to have given up on that idea now. He loves to sit in your lap, but he isn’t brave enough to come to you and ask for attention yet. He still runs from you often, but is starting to cautiously come to check you out when you coax him.