I am Not Ready for Adoption
Gender: Female
Age: 5 years
Weight: 19.4 LBS
Color: Wheaten
Breed: Mixed Breed
Location: PEORIA, Arizona
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More About Neesie

Perhaps part kangaroo, definitely terrier mix, Neesie is athletic, sweet, sensitive, fearful of new people and situations but is adjusting/learning. While slow, she is moving at the speed of Neesie. She lived from very young, alone; came to Rescue untrained to living in a house, knew no commands, fearful and basically unwanted. While she now trusts her foster family including 2 small dogs, new introductions to people or other dogs are very slow, start with intense barking, skittish movements. She warms up slowly after many sessions, then wants to leap up on people, while barking excitedly. Barking, leaping, running are big parts of Neesie’s every day, she behaves like a big, puppy and fearful. Potty training has been a challenge, she is reliable in accidents, will potty outside, but also on throw rugs or carpet. All challenges are/have been worked on intensely, and she is worth the effort. All said, Neesie is not yet ready for adoption, but she is awesome, worth the wait!


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