I am Ready for Adoption
Gender: Female
Age: 3 years
Weight: 16 LBS
Color: Wheaten
Breed: Mixed Breed
Location: Stratford, Connecticut
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More About Eleanor

Eleanor is an adorable little terrier mix. She was groomed today and definitely looks like a cairn mix; foster mom has ordered a DNA kit and results will be posted. Eleanor is not quite ready for adoption, but will be soon. She still needs some booster vaccines.

We are working on leash walking and potty training. In the house she is friendly and loves to get attention and give kisses ,and she gets along well with the other dogs; walking on a leash outside she is very timid around new people (especially men), and reactive to other dogs. She is easily distracted by everything on walks and does not do her business outside. Working on that!

Eleanor came in to Col Potter with another older dog (Bronka), and while they are close and sleep together they are not bonded.; She will however need at least one other friendly dog for companionship, and would love to be adopted with Bronka. She has lots of energy and loves to run in the yard with the 2 younger resident dogs, chasing the birds and squirrels. She loves affection and attention, and is the happiest little girl.

Watch for updates on this little girl, she is a real sweetheart.


UPDATE 5/6/2024:  Adorable Eleanor’s DNA came back: 44% Cairn, 22% Chihuahua, 4% West Highland White Terrier, 3% Scottish Terrier, 2% Russell Terrier, 24% Pomeranian, and 1% Finnish Hound. Her results showed she is most likely Bronka’s daughter, and she would like to be adopted together with her. She loves to give and get kisses and is learning not to get jealous of the resident dogs when she is getting attention. She is still working on potty training, but is improving. She is so interested in everything else on her walks she forgets to do her business.

She will be available soon, after she gets her final boosters. Although she may be a mix of many breeds, she is 100% a sweetheart.