Dear Abby

I am Ready for Adoption
Gender: Female
Age: 14 years
Weight: 20 LBS
Color: Wheaten
Breed: Cairn Terrier
Location: Milford, Connecticut
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More About Dear Abby

Ann Landers and Dear Abby are sisters and unlike their namesakes they love each other very much and they love being together, Dear Abby is the more confident of the two ladies. She was the first to come over for cuddles and belly rubs. They are sweetest and quietest Cairn Terriers I have ever met. I have heard Ann Landers bark two times – that’s it. This bonded pair needs to be adopted together. Some people might say “oh boy…two dogs”, that could be a lot. My family has fostered many, many dogs. I can honestly say these two ladies are easiest foster we have ever had. And did I mention I have only hear Dear Abby bark one time!! They are calm, sweet, loving, happy couch potatoes. They are such good dogs and they deserve a loving family who will appreciate how wonderful they are.


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