Bumble Bee

I am Ready for Adoption
Gender: Male
Age: 2 years
Weight: 22 LBS
Color: Red Wheaten
Breed: Mixed Breed
Location: Mount Olive, Illinois
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More About Bumble Bee

I’ve heard people say they are living, “Their Best Life” and often wondered if this was true. Meeting Bumble Bee will convince you it IS possible, and he will show you how it’s done! Snoozing in the sunshine is one of his favorite things along with romping and puppy zooming in his fenced yard. Licking a loved one’s hand, playing keep away and pretending he’s invisible are also at the top of his list. He is a happy boy and loves his life. These may seem like simple things to you and me, but they are his world. You see, Bumble Bee is a very special boy. When he looks at his loved one, his eyes wonder a little and it appears he is “Star Gazing”. He may be licking a hand and then continue to lick the air. Sometimes, he gets so excited that it makes him sneeze and stumble a bit. Fluttering may be the right word! He spends a lot of time napping because he gets tired easily. Bumble Bee’s life is one of simple pleasures but don’t tell him that!

P.S. Bumble Bee says, “Buzz, Buzz. Am I the perfect boy for you? I’ll be waiting with love in my heart and sunshine on my back.”

Click here to see Bumble Bee 2/6/24 in action.


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