Application Overview

  • If you are interested in adopting any of our dogs, you must complete our adoption application.
  • Your application has a shelf life of SIX MONTHS, once approved. Previously we held applications for one year.
  • Approval can take two weeks or more. 
  • You do not need to fill out an application for each dog you are interested in.
  • You can only apply to adopt dogs that are READY for adoption.
  • Our primary form of contact with our applicants is email, so please be sure to check your mailbox frequently for responses/information from us regarding your application to adopt.   PLEASE remember to check your spam/junk folder as well.
  • Our Application is very thorough and detailed. You can expect it to take up to two hours to complete. Please read the information below, so you are best prepared to fill out the application.
  • Please fill out the application with detailed answers. ONLY through your complete answers will we be better able to help you determine which Col. Potter Foster Dog would be best suited to you.

Application Requirements

  • If you intend to use an electronic fence as your primary means of containment, we cannot accept your application. 
  • We cannot guarantee any of our rescue dog’s behavior with children and cannot accept applications with children under 12 unless you already own or have owned a rescued dog during the child’s lifetime.  We reserve the right to deny an application based on the age of the child under 12 at the time of ownership.
  • We cannot accept any application from a Canadian home at this time unless the adoptive home has a clear ground transport plan to move the dog across the border by coming into the US to pick up.
  • You MUST be 21 years of age or older in order to apply to adopt a rescue Foster Dog through CPCRN. Photo identification may be required upon adoption.
  • A home safety visit is a requirement in order to adopt a dog from Col. Potter Rescue.  A representative from our organization will come to your home for an inspection and to conduct interviews with household members. Your home must meet some simple specifics in order to be accepted in our adoption process.
  • You will be required to provide four personal references on the Adoption Application (only one reference can be a family member. All references must be 21 years of age or older. You will also be required to provide a veterinary reference from a past, present and/or intended veterinarian.
  • If you are approved for adoption, you must be willing to provide a crate for your rescue dog to help during the transition period, if needed.
  • You will be required to make a donation to Col. Potter Cairn Rescue, if you adopt a rescue dog through our organization.

Senior Citizens Options for Adopting

  • We have had to implement this change due to the large portion of older/disabled (needing a lot of medical attention) dogs returned/newly surrendered to us.
  • Because an owner has either passed away or gone into an assisted living situation and the family is not able/willing to take on the responsibility for the dog, many of our previously adopted dogs are coming back. We have extreme difficulty in finding these dogs a new forever home.
  • If you are 68 years of age, applications to adopt Teenager (4-7), Mature (8-10) or Senior (11+) will be put in process.
  • If you are over 78 years of age, and apply to adopt a dog (according to our guide) Puppy, Youngster (1-3) or Teenager (4-7); your application will not be accepted.
  • If you are 78 and wish to adopt a dog (according to our guide) Mature (8-10) or Senior (11+), your application will be put in process.

If approved for Adoption, you agree to

  • Keep the dog licensed with appropriate information at all times
  • Comply with all City, Country, State and Federal rules as they pertain to dog ownership
  • Contact Cairn Rescue if you can no longer keep this dog

You can learn more about our adoption process by visiting our Adoption FAQ page