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Yum Yum Ship Smart

Did you know that you can get FREE shipping boxes from the Post Office?
AND have them delivered right to your door?
Check it out:

Be sure and view all the options to see all the various sizes and figure
out what will work best for your Yum Yum as it is packaged. As noted
below, if you can send items Parcel Post or First Class Mail, that will
save money as well. However you will have to supply your own boxes for
Parcel Post.

So if you have decided on your packaging for your Yum Yum (and remember
you do NOT have to do any fancy packaging - that is completely up to you),
measure it against the various Priority Mail or Flat Rate boxes and place
your order TODAY! Sometimes the boxes take a little longer to get to you
so you want to be prepared. But you'll come home one day and find the best
boxes delivered right to your door. You just have to fill them and send
them out. Who knew the government actually used our tax dollars for
something worthwhile!!???

One thing you might try doing before you order your boxes is to get a
sample of your Yum Yum all boxed up and get an accurate weight on it - if
you don't have a postage scale at home, go to your neighborhood post
office and ask them to weigh it for you (but NOT send it yet)! They are
usually more than happy to do this.

Once you have the weight, you can start figuring out if you would be
better off using the FLAT RATE boxes if your item is heavy or is going a
long distance. See the chart below:

This is a GREAT calculator to figure out relative prices:
In general, if your item is less than 3 lbs, its better to use standard priority. If it is more than 3 lbs, use flat rate.

Remember, your package is priced ONLY on weight and distance - not the
size (unless it is highly unusual but then that's the beauty of using the
Post Office supplied boxes - you know they are "kosher."

Here are some sample zip codes to play with:
Vermont  05452
New Mexico: 88101
Florida  33908
Oregon  97200

You never know until the orders are in, where you will need to ship, but
this will give you something to judge by. I know in the past I have had
better luck using a flat rate box to send something from Vermont to
California just based on the distance! Of course if you can go with the
less expensive PRIORITY shipping that is always a help. Also note that you
CAN do your labels, etc. online and you get a small discount on each
shipment. Also once you contact your buyers, if they are in no hurry,
Parcel Post might work out fine and save some dollars on your end.

Here is some more links:

Priority Mail Prices

Flat rate - Wonderful for heavier objects or long distances:

Don't hesitate to write if you have questions. I don't know all the
answers but I can always help.