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Miss Yoyo is the prototypical Cairn puppy - that amazing mixture of sassy and spunky/snoozy and cuddly; sweet and loving//willful and mischievous. She has all the puppy qualities one would expect to find in a 3 month old - sweet puppy breath! Soft puppy paws! Gentle puppy kisses! Sharp puppy teeth which do not distinguish between toys and human toes and fingers! Questionable puppy judgment which considers anything and everything a chewable plaything! This high spirited little girl needs a family ready to spend lots of time teaching her basic puppy manners and obedience - and plenty of energy to keep up with her antics. (On an up note, Foster Mom has lost 3 pounds since Yoyo's arrival. Boy, is she fast!) She is not quite ready for adoption yet, but if she sounds like the perfect companion for your family, contact your Matchmaker now!
Gender: Female
Age: 3/25/19
Weight: 5.40 LBS
Color: Wheaten
Breed: Cairn Terrier
Location: Syracuse, New York