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Transport is a handsome lad with a soulful gaze and the most expressive ears. He has incrementally flourished since his recent rescue from a breeding facility. For a dog that displayed no external signs of delight when he first arrived, the fact that he is now steadily wagging his tail, playing with toys, avidly rolling his back upon the grass, contentedly sitting outside simply observing events and soaking up sunlight, and repeatedly petitioning for pets, are all monumental accomplishments. Transport has a dominant nature and is possessive of attention, food, and toys. He would thrive best in a setting where he is the only pet in the home. Transport is in need of a forever home that will appreciate his keen intelligence, engage his reserved character, and gently work with him on house-training, destructive chewing, walking on a leash, building his trust in humans, and gaining confidence in the world around him. Please allow Transport to become a loyal and loving part of your family.
Gender: Male
Age: 4 years
Weight: 25.00 LBS
Color: Black Brindle
Breed: Cairn Terrier
Location: Berthoud, Colorado

Special Considerations:

No Other Dogs, No Cats