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Surprise, last born pup 4-5-2021 to dam, Arizona, was largest at 8.7 oz. On 6-2-21 for exam and initial DHP (Distemper, hepatitis and parvovirus vaccination), he weighed 4.1 lbs! Of perfect weight, he is striking with a champagne coat and white stockings. A hearty eater, ACTIVE in play and an enthusiastic cuddle bug. Surprise loves tummy rubs and chest scritchies! One of his favorite wrestle buddies is Peoria, the smallest, but they are a match in their rough and tumble play style and his play style in general is rambunctious! All pups are well socialized, with only good expectations and reward cuddles with little kissies. His dam appears Jack Russell Terrier, sire unknown; Surprise is winsome with a charming and lively terrier personality. Surprise received his initial DHP on June 2. While available for adoption now; cannot be picked up till after receiving his DHP booster approximately 6-23-21.
Gender: Male
Age: 4-05-2021
Weight: 4.10 LBS
Color: White
Breed: Mixed Breeds
Location: Peoria, Arizona