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Checking Out Tips

Tips for a successful checkout

Once you have entered all of your information on steps 1 – 3, the last hurdle is page 4

You will see this


You can decide to get the newsletter and leave this checked or uncheck it. If you leave it checked to receive the newsletter THEN YOU MUST PUT A CHECK MARK IN THE BELOW BY CLICKING ON THE BOX


If you opted in above with a check in Receive Newsletter and do not click on the square before Newsletter, you will not be able to check out.

If you do not want to Register/Create an Account remove the check mark in the Register/Create an Account by clicking on the box before Register/Create an Account.


If you leave the Register/Create an Account with a check in the box then the last item is a password. If you do not have a sign in for the website, you will be automatically registered for the website. The username will be the e-mail address that you entered for billing. You need to create a new password and type it in once and then again to confirm. This will allow the order to go through.


If you have previously registered go to the top of any of the 4 pages and sign in