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Sonja - I am Not Ready
I'm not ready for adoption

Sonja came to Col. Potter as a sweet, but traumatized girl who endured many losses, ending up at a shelter where a nice lady alerted us that Sonja needed us. She did not appreciate the car ride home from the shelter, and it took several days for her to trust me enough to let me put her harness on. She is having to learn some new things....English, how to live with other dogs (she really likes other dogs, but it took her a while to accept that the resident dog was not going anywhere.) Sonja seems very healthy, but she has not been to the vet yet. She is completely housebroken, and sleeps through the night either under my bed or on a dog bed in my bedroom. We are beginning her process of socialization with other people and animals this week because she needed some serious decompression time after all the turmoil in her life. Once she gets a clean bill of health and I have a chance to evaluate her interactions with other people and animals, she will be ready for her forever home.
Gender: Female
Age: 6 years
Weight: 15.00 LBS
Color: Red Wheaten
Breed: Cairn Terrier
Location: Ambridge, Pennsylvania