Hi, I'm...
I'm already adopted!

Shem is a 10-year old boy who came into Col. Potter with his sister Fran, thanks to a guardian angel who stepped in after their mom's death, saving them from neglect. He's a bit pudgy, but good diet and regular exercise will take care of that. He's in reasonably good health, despite not having seen a vet for several years. Right now he has "owies" at both ends. He's on antibiotics for an anal gland infection as well as advanced periodontal disease. Shem is one of our GoFundMe kids (Shem 8/16/2017) because he will need extensive oral surgery due to the condition of his teeth and gums. Until his dental on August 29th, Shem will be enjoying mostly soft food to give his gums a little break. Despite the pain he must be having, he is an easygoing, happy, wiggly little boy who loves to cuddle and be close to his human. He is also a great brother to his blind older sister - here they are having a little fun: Shem 8/16/2017.
Gender: Male
Age: 10 years
Weight: 22.80 LBS
Color: Wheaten
Location: Ambridge, Pennsylvania