Hi, I'm...
Sam Malone
I'm ready for adoption

Sam Malone is a complicated guy. He was surrendered to a shelter to be put to sleep. The shelter must have seen something in him worth saving and contacted rescue. Sam had untreated dry eye and a nasty attitude. We don't know how long Sam went without treatment but we do know he felt he was in danger when we tried to treat his eyes. This is something he'll need done multiple times throughout the day for the rest of his life. After many months Sam and I figured out how best to get this task done with minimum fuss. But there was something else going on. It wasn't until we didn't see it any longer that we realized he had a bad attitude. Over time Sam learned to trust and give and receive love. We brought an excellent trainer in to evaluate and help me better understand and work with Sam. Sam has beautiful house manners and is housebroken. Today Sam's a well adjusted, happy, healthy guy. He great on leash, loves toys and, after an initial warm up, is fine with other dogs.
Gender: Male
Age: 11
Weight: 17.00 LBS
Color: Wheaten
Location: Portland, Connecticut