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Going Traveling?

Do your travel plans include you traveling with your pets? Or are your pets staying at a Boarding facility, or with a pet sitter, friend or neighbor? It is a good idea to notify us so we have pertinent information on file, in the event your pets get lost or found.

Please fill out the following form. It is important that you provide us with as much information as possible. By doing so you make it easier for us to locate you should your pet be found.  This information will be discarded 24 hours after the designated end of your vacation.

Information supplied to CPCRN will NOT be used in any manner other than as it pertains to the Col. Potter Tag Program. Your information will only be given out on a "need to know" basis, in the event your dog has been lost or found.

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Vacation Specifics

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If you are taking a cell phone, pager, or will have access to e-mail, please provide this information below.

Is there any other information you think we need to have about your trip itself? For instance, we do suggest that you provide us with a travel itinerary. For instance, if you are driving do you plan to stay in a hotel along the way? Is this a multi-destination vacation, etc? You can provide all this information in the space below. Information about whether or not your pet is traveling with you, etc. is to be provided in the section titled "Where Will Your Pets Be?"



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Where Will Your Your Pet(s) Be?

You could be traveling with your pets, having them stay at a kennel or having someone else look after them. You could even have some traveling with you and others staying at a kennel, etc. 

Below are three options where your pets could be staying while you are traveling.  For each one that applies, enter the tag #'s of the pets into the appropriate options. 



If you have 4 foster dogs (Skippy, Toto, Daisy, and Bones), perhaps only Skippy and Bones will be traveling with you and the other will be boarded at a kennel. First you would fill out the "Traveling with Me" section with Skippy's and Bones' CPCRN tag numbers. Then you will fill out the "Kennel/Vet" Section with Daisy's, Toto's, and Scruffy's tag numbers and the additional requested information.

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If they don't have voice mail or don't have access to it everyday of the week, e-mail may be the only way we have to leave them a message about your missing foster.  For example, on the weekend, they wouldn't normally be monitoring their work number or work e-mail address. Also if they can't access the internet using dialup and blocks their telephone, e-mail could be the fastest way of contacting them